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Ford Mustang is on of the most iconic cars. Production has started in 1965 and continues to these days by over 5 decades without interruption.  Latest fifth generation, is second most beuatiful generation for me. The first is of course the first generation. In Europe, it is the first officialy sold generation. It still looks a little bit exotic. In the USA its different, its a car, which you can see often on a road.

Diecast from Auto World looks at first sight very good. Painting is again good quality. But, there is one thing. Black color on front splitter, is not quite sharp on the edge with light blue color. On the side of the vehicle, you can see, that the black color is coming down on both endings. It’s not an error. Real Mustang has it same way. Orange stripes are made without errors. Same about GULF logo on both doors. Red color on rear lights, but it’s nothing terrible, I saw worse in this scale. Most sophisticated part of exterior is front of the vehicle. Best for me is a Mustang logo on the grille. It looks very good.

A separate chapter is engine under the hood. Hood does not hold in upper position, but what it reveals, is amazing. Auto World surprised me here. 5.0 V8 engine has three different colours. Very nice painting of the head covers or the manifolds. It doesn’t look like a simple cast. Interior is also very nice, with details. We can see cup holders, for a example.

I move to the diecast chassis with lot of nice details. Rubber tires are a matter of course. But in my opinion, design of the wheels should be better. Maybe color, or some details, or shape of the wheels. I don’t know, but this looks to me like a winter set.

This model was also made in dark blue casting. There is one-piece orange stripe, GULF logo on the hood or racing number on the doors. Besides, it has different wheels, with orange stripe, and it looks better. I don’t have this casting yet, but when I get it, I will make comparison article. By then, I will enjoy these model.


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