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Ford launched the successful F-100 pick-up truck series in 1967. These small trucks with a 0.5 ton capacity were versatile and reliable. Maybe that’s why production was not only in Mexico, but also in Brazil. The model we introduce today comes from the end of the fifth generation. Basically, its end was already behind the door and was going to model six. Personally, I consider the model series five to be less pronounced throughout the F-100 era. But it has its charm. The simplicity of the line and austerity have meaning and beauty. The model we will introduce today comes from the Greenlight workshop in 1/64 scale.

Every time I unpack a Greenlight model, I feel like a little child. Indeed, the models offered by Greenlight or Auto World are on a completely different level than the commonly available models. I am always looking forward to the details that I will find out if I am sorry for mistakes. When I got Ford GULF out of the package, this feeling was multiple. Gulf colors have always been top for me. The time I spent looking at the model was really long. The amount of detail that attacks your senses is really great. The color combination is complemented by chrome parts. For example in the form of bumpers with detailed marks. Chromium can be found on rear-view mirrors, wheel rims, but also on a massive radiator grille. When viewed from the side, the slope of the front mask seems a bit small compared to the original. But since I am not very knowledgeable about the real model, I consider it just as an imperfection of the photos I studied. The quality of varnish and stickers is at a good level. I found one shortcoming. The rear inscription FORD is damaged by production. It is a pity as this inscription dominates the back of the car. Colorful details such as signaling direction, and door handles are very good. Faithfully replicate a real master.

The legendary cherry on the cake is the opening front hood and a detailed engine and engine structure. The interior is also an almost perfect detail of the model. The dashboard, together with the steering wheel, are complemented by white seats and door trim. All with a lots of detail, including stitching on the seats. Note the small GULF sticker on the rear window.

Gradually during the inspection of the model I got to the chassis. Rubber tires with a pale blue trim on the chrome wheels have made the model attractive. It’s just my personal opinion. But you will admit that they will land the car. The details of the metal chassis are a little austere for my taste at Greenlight. Still, it offers a lot of detail. I think there are many collectors who would like to have it in the collection. I am personally proud to have it in my collection. More GULF models will be added soon. I hope so.

MANUFACTURER: Greenlight SCALE: 1/64  TITLE: 1971 Ford F-100 Pickup

PLUS: lots of detail, GULF colors

MINUS: damaged stickers in production


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