[ENG] Subaru Impreza WRX STI

We really like Rallye cars, but who not? This kind of racing gave birth to many great and legendary cars. Today, we look on Subaru Impreza WRX STI, by the way, my most favourite car from modern rallye era. I’m hoping that one day, i will own some Subaru, but, back to the topic. It’s second model from Altaya on our blog. First will be translated in future.

Subaru also made his name and reputation, thanks to the WRC. In overall ranking is on sixth place, with 47 wins. As a team it had 3 wins, in years 1995, 2001 and 2003. Each one champion title, was achieved by different driver. First one by Colin McRae, second one by Richard Burns and third one by Petter Solberg. Need to say, that Colin was very popular. Not due to his results, but due to his drive style. Every single race he floored it and went on full speed, at maximum risk. His drive style often resulted in accidents off the tracks, or with a few flips. He said: “Straight roads are for fast cars, turns are for fast drivers”.

Our model is from year, when Subaru achieved last champion title. Altaya made all decals same way, as they was on real vehicle. Really, i don’t found at least one missing piece. There is even sign on a radiator behind the Subaru logo. What pleases is the quality of decals and painting, which is very good. Matter of course are inline lights on both sides of the vehicle. There are visible some shortcomings around the lights, but it’s not premium model. Interior is also very good, we can see here dashboard sticker, seatbelts or fire extinguisher.

But, let’s look at the faults. I’m sure, you have noticed rear left wheel on the photo. Sadly, i bought model via e-shop, so there is this kind of a risk, that model will come damaged, or not in perfect condition. But, i’m surprised that it passed the final check, it’s a visible fault. Right wheel is also crooked, not so much like left, but it is. Another fault is on the roof. Next to the roof air intake are leftovers of a glue. It is a pity, because model should be displayed in the closed box.

I was really looking forward to this model, but unfortunately the enthusiasm faded. At one side the processing is very nice and good, but on the other side, there are two big faults. I don’t want to say, that i won’t buying anything from Altaya now, or via e-shop. It was the first time, that model came in a bad condition. But i still love it, it’s a Subaru.

Plus: details, look like a real vehicle, Subaru

Minus: damaged rear wheels, leftovers of a glue, shortcomings around the lights


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